Introduction guide for the first visitor

We are selling various cheats for PUBG, Fortnite, R6S.

Here is the guide for the first comer.

1. Check cheat information. There are many cheats for each game. Among them choose one what you want to use.

2. Check "STATUS" before buying cheat. Some of Cheats are outdated at that moment. So please check "STATUS" before purchasing!!

3. Go to "SHOP" and buy key. After purchasing, activation key for cheat will be delivered instantly on your PAYPAL e-mail.

4. Request to promote on "CUSTOMER GROUP" at here. Only customer group can read cheat manual and can download files.
So if you are not in the customer group yet, write a post at there to move your group. (write your one of order id from Selly)

5. When you are moved to the Customer Group, Download cheat loader and follow cheat manual.